Crustafrais process cuisson
The transformedProductsCooked, smoked, frozen

Transformed products

Transformed products
The sea product are headed towards the packaging lines within a few minutes. They are still in a controlled temperature state, and are set in polyester casing or packaged under protective atmosphere. .
Cooked products
Crustafrais now benefits from 25 years of know-how. The cooking process is carried out by professional chefs who have mastered this delicate art.
Cooked products
Grey shrimp
Pink shrimp
Brown crab

Our fish farm shrimp shipments come from Ecuador, our reference country in terms of aquaculture, and other countries from South America (Venezuela, Guatemala), India and the Philippines. Our wild shrimps come from Madagascar, Nigeria and are caught and frozen in high seas. We impose a strict bill of specification to our producers to guarantee the very best possible quality.

Smoked products
Careful smoking
  • Ancestral recipes taken from Normand smokers
  • Experienced skills for many years
Our know-how
  • Smoking of quality salmon which are rinced, bathed in a finely dosed brine,
  • Tasted, dried in open air, matured, hand-sliced and reconstituted.
Frozen product
  • Innovative equipment,
  • Product freezed to minus 40°C in 17 minutes.

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