Crustafrais : About us
About us

Crustafrais : About us

Our standards

« Respect » is a key word here at Crustafrais: we stick to it on a daily basis. We Respect our partners who are ready every single day to listen, understand, and serve our customers.

Respect of our clients is our state policy here at Crustafrais. They know they can rely on our being committed as for product quality and diversity.

Respect the Dieppe fisherman, on the coast of the Manche region and abroad, who supply Crustafrais with the very best fresh products.

Respect nature, the sea and its products with a special attention towards maritime regulations and an essential care towards natural resources, which feed consumers and enable many professional to make a living.

Crustafrais salariés
Quality procedure (control)

Our motto: quality and product freshness, plus a keen sense of organisation to select, clean and deliver fresh or transform products.
Our quality-inspired system insures the tracking of our product to guarantee the very best. On the coast of the Manche region and abroad, our fishermen do their best to meet with your requirements.
In the Manche region, our coastal fishermen are at the vanguard of the Crustafrais quality label.

Crustafrais démarche qualité
Polyester casing or packaged trays with a protective atmosphere.
Crustafrais démarche qualité
Shipment in France under 24h and 48 h in the main neighbouring countries.
Crustafrais démarche qualité

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